Join DEF Fight Team and Fight for your Dream!

DEF Fight Night 19 came to a finish with over 200 people witnessing 9 extraordinary bouts. Let’s recap quickly on the performance of our DEF fighters, with 5 representing DEF Boxing Gym and 1 from DEF Muay Thai.

Milan Ghale won overwhelmingly in the main event while Justin Lee won his debut fight by TKO in the 2nd round. CCC and our female fighter Timothy also clinched a victory by decision, giving them a great start of this year.

DEF has been committed to providing professional boxing training, and DEF Fight Night was held regularly over the years to provide a platform for local fighters. Since the founding of DEF Promotions in 2011, we successfully promoted and trained aspiring HK boxers, including Rex “The Wonder Kid” Tso, former NO.1 ranked boxer by WBO, as well as the newly crowned WBC Youth Intercontinental Champion Raymond Poon.

This year, DEF Fight Team is officially formed and boxers who are serious in fighting, either amateur or professional, are welcomed. Led by professional boxers, we provide comprehensive training to build a new boxing army. Join DEF Fight Team and make your boxing dream comes true!

Training fee: $1500 /month
Training time: (Mon-Fri) 8-10PM
Self-training session: (Mon-Fri) 10AM-4PM (Sun) 10AM-6PM
**Interview required. Boxers under 18 must obtain parent consent**
**Team members are required to prepare a full set of protective gear**

Tel: 28400162