DEF Charity x YWCA “Fight for Future, Next” Clap Talk

DEF Boxing is glad to have successfully held the Clap Talk “Fight for Future, Next” alongside our long-term charitable partner, YWCA on the 18th August 2018. Talking with over 70 teenagers, DEF Promotions boxers Raymond Poon, as well as Jason Wong were able to share their inspiring stories on how they were able to turn their dreams into reality.

As a kick-off to the Clap Talk, our professional boxers Raymond Poon and Lennon Tsoi, as well as the young, promising amateur boxer Jason Wong, coached 20 teenagers who were interested in boxing during a 1-hour experience session. Raymond was able to share the positives as well as the trials and tribulations he has faced throughout his professional career.

“My interest and passion in boxing started from the Japanese Manga, Hajime no Ippo. It may sound unrealistic as some of your dreams do, but if we don’t at least try, we would never know if it’s actually unrealistic. So, dare to dream and take that first step, and maybe those unrealistic dreams could come true, or even guide your life.” Said the newly crowned WBC ABCO Light Flyweight Continental Champion and the ABF Light Flyweight Champion.

A year ago, in the very same ring, Jason Wong won his very first fight in the “Fight for the Future” Clap Talk. He used to train in the YWCA Sunday boxing class, and was later invited to compete in an exhibition bout of DEF Promotion’s professional boxing event, Road to Glory II. He faced an experienced opponent Philip Wong, and being able to fight him to a draw gave Jason the courage he needed to pursue boxing as a career. He is now an amateur boxer and an assistant coach at DEF Boxing Gym.

In the finale exhibition fights, Ming-Yan and Yiu-Yeung—young boxers who trains frequently at DEF Boxing Gym—out-performed their respective opponents and earn their first ever victory by decision.h;