DEF Charity x Omondi @ Uganda : Reuse-Your-Sneakers

Inspired by Omondi’s generosity, we at DEF want to continue to support his efforts. This was a continuation of DEF Charity’s partnership with Omondi Festus. For the second round of “DEF Charity x Omondi @ Uganda”, we started a sneaker donation drive to send used sneakers for the young fighters in Ugandan boxing gyms.

With enthusiastic support from DEF clients and the public, we collect over 100 pairs of used sneakers and ring shoes. After screening and packing pair by pair, we handed them all to Omondi, who brought the shoes back in Uganda in early June.

Omondi distributed the shoes to Zebra Boxing Club, a local gym located in Bwayise, Kampala. The encouragement from the former Olympian and national champion became a drive for the young boxers to pursue the goal in boxing, also to find their way out from poverty. “Boxing is my life, Uganda is my Country and I rised from ghetto, I know what it means to do boxing in Uganda. The pain I went through and the love for the game are cruising me to this charity drive.” Omondi said in an interview with the Ugandan media.