DEF Charity x Omondi @ Uganda - Donating Boxing Equipment

Many people assume that boxing is a barbaric sport that only promotes violence and physical aggression. In reality, for many people around the world boxing is more than a sport, it gives hope for a better future. Omondi Festus, one of DEF Boxing’s esteemed trainers, knows all about these hard knocks of life. Since young, he knew that boxing was not just a pastime hobby, it was his way out. His dedication to the sport has kept him away from drugs, crime, and real senseless violence. By committing himself to the sport, Omondi was able to make a full-time career in boxing, first as an eight-time national champion as a member of the Ugandan National Boxing team, then as a professional boxer, and now as one of Hong Kong’s best boxing trainer.

Though he no longer lives in Uganda, he still cares about boxing in his home country, sending as much boxing gear as possible back home for the new generation to use. Last December, he brought used boxing equipment from DEF Boxing Gym, including heavybags, boxing gloves, and boxing mitts. Omondi has shown that you should always think of helping other people when in a position of success, and DEF Boxing wants to continue to support him.